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Develop your unique leadership presence - limited special offer (see below)

Are you looking to gain more presence and impact as a leader or speaker?


Leadership presence is achieved by becoming more present with one’s whole self in the moment.  People who are perceived as having gravitas and being inherently trustworthy tend to inhabit their bodies and their whole energy, rather than just live in their heads.


The result of living in one’s whole self is to respond more effectively and with greater impact from a grounded, confident place, rather than reacting from anger, fear or anxiety. 

How I work with my clients on leadership presence

I help my clients achieve greater leadership presence and confidence through a process known as somatic coaching. In working with me, they also get clearer on the things that matter to them that they want to take a stand for.


Part of the work we do together is to help their bodies unlearn “conditioned tendencies” that have built up over the years. These are learned strategies adopted to cope with real or perceived threats to their safety and wellbeing. 


These strategies served a useful purpose but, over time, they can cause them to lose connection to the things they care about and lead to behaviours such as people pleasing, making themselves small or withdrawing their voice from the world. By unlearning these habits, however, they can literally create a new “shape” which makes spaces for a new, more confident way of showing up in the world.  

Somatic work also gives my clients greater access to their innate intuition  (something we all possess, if we able to listen to it). Learning to listen to their intuition helps them to make better decisions, heal past traumas and get to know their needs in a way that traditional talking-based therapies struggle to achieve. 


If you are looking for support to help you transform your leadership or speaking presence in service of standing up for something that matters to you, I am currently enrolling practice clients to work with over a 10 session somatic coaching arc. As I want to make this opportunity available to as many people as possible, I am offering this coaching on a 'pay-what-you-can' basis.


Send me an email or book a virtual 1-2-1 call with me to find out more.


Drop me an e-mail or a text and let's chat!

+44 7971 165282

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