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The Fearless Speakers' Programme

Helping you share your message and stories on stage by showing up as yourself

  • A three-month group programme

  • 3 - 6 participants so lots of feedback and focus on you

  • We help you prepare and deliver an impactful and versatile TEDx-style talk, whilst you build your skills as a speaker and a leader

  • The programme includes in-person workshops (in London, Amsterdam and other cities in Europe on demand) and online progress calls.

My inspiration for this programme

I still remember how I felt just before I was about to tell a truly personal story on stage for the first time.


It was weird because I’d been a professional gigging musician for nearly 30 years by then but despite all the stage time I had amassed, I still felt really nervous. My heart was racing, my palms were sweating and I felt like running away.


And then I remembered the training I’d done over the previous few years. I did a grounding exercise and thought about why telling this story was so important to me. And then, I felt calmer, more purposeful and ready to speak.

Do you ever feel like I did? That there’s a vision you desperately want to share on the TEDx or a similar stage but it sounds way too exposing or maybe even downright terrifying?


If you do, I’m not surprised, because sharing what most matters to you can be an incredibly courageous thing to do. Especially if, like me, you have learned that speaking your mind is ‘showing off.


Here’s what I have learned, though.


If you share a vision that comes from the heart, one that sets out what you believe in and the difference you, your business or organisation wants to make in the world, this is a real gift to your audience.


If you approach sharing your vision from this place, it feels like a much more comfortable experience and not only that, your audience will find you more attractive and engaging too.

The Fearless Speakers’ Programme has been designed to help you share the gift of your vision with impact and presence so you can create the difference you want to make in the world.

Example visions

We can help people to recover from experiences of domestic violence by offering support

“Richard's ability to read the field and the audience translates into immediate and effective action with the energy shifting towards where it needs to be. This is coupled with the skill of inviting people in the space of content and exercises in a smooth way."

Marzia. Brussels


My philosophy

I am a firm believer that we are all at our most compelling when we are being truly ourselves. I have found that the most connected I feel to a speaker is when they are talking vulnerably and from the heart. I feel attracted to what they have to say and that I can trust them implicitly.


But what does it mean to be truly ourselves? For me, it is letting go of doing and saying the things that we think others want to hear. By giving up caring about what other people think of us, we become more authentic and our words have more impact.


This belief is the inspiration behind the Fearless Speakers’ Programme.


In designing the Programme I took a lot of inspiration from the world of TED talks. I analysed what made TED talks impactful and what the speakers did to create that impact. I noticed the positive emotional impact that these talks created and how this form of speaking can be harnessed as a way of raising the profile of the speaker and their business or personal vision.


I then created a step-by-step process for developing ‘signature talks’ that make those speakers magnetic. This is the process I teach on the Fearless Speakers' Programme.

So, what is the Fearless Speakers' Programme?

The Programme takes cohorts of 3 - 6 visionaries that have a purpose beyond profit on a journey to develop and deliver their own signature talks.


The journey is three months long and is delivered partly in-person and partly online. The in-person element is run in London and Amsterdam. Alternatively, if you would like me to come to your city in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, please contact me and we can discuss whether we can organise a cohort of at least 3 people in your local area.



Get to know each other and clarify your message

two day workshop

An in-person workshop where you discover your vision, stories and key strengths

Practice calls

Share your work-in-progress talks and give/receive feedback every two or three weeks

rehearsal and showcase

Final rehearsal, then deliver your talk to friends and family in a celebration showcase

Who is it for?

The Fearless Speakers' Programme would be a good fit for you if:


  • you have a vision for how you would like the world to be different that comes from a purpose other than making profit

  • you would like to understand and embody your vision more fully so that it becomes a part of you

  • you would like to share your vision from the stage by giving talks and presentations

  • you enjoy working in a group environment

  • you are willing to give open and constructive feedback to others

  • you are willing to grow and learn and approach the content of the programme with a beginner’s mind

Who is it not for?

The Fearless Speakers' Programme would NOT be a good fit for you if:


  • you intend to use speaking as a way to massage your ego, rather than deliver the gift of your vision to your audience

  • you are not willing to provide support and encouragement to other members of your cohort

  • you want to use speaking as a way of expressing racist, sexist or homophobic views

  • you do not have the time or motivation to prepare a signature talk over the course of the programme (you will need to spend around 2 - 3 hours a week on this)


So, what's it like?

The Fearless Speakers' Programme is designed to foster a welcoming, supportive environment. Entry into a Fearless Speakers' Programme cohort is by application only which means you can be assured that everyone in your group is committed to supporting your growth and the growth of the group. When you log onto the initial orientation call, you are not quite sure what to expect. There is a little hesitancy and politeness but you are soon put at ease by the warmth of the leaders and feel reassured by the explanations you receive about what’s to come. You start to feel excited and look forward to the rest of the programme. You are given some homework that helps you really hone your key message and you feel a sense of excitement as you come together and share your ideas in the second orientation call. A few weeks later, when you arrive at the two day workshop, you are greeted with warm smiles from the workshop leaders and invited into a funky, inspiring space which instantly gets your creative juices flowing. In the training room, you find like-minded people who want to make a positive difference in the world. You get to know each other and share light but supportive conversation that instantly puts you at ease and lets you know that these are ‘your people’. After some initial improv exercises which lift the energy in the rrom, you sit in a welcoming circle and soon find yourself feeling rejuvenated and inspired by simple techniques you can use to build your storytelling muscle. You then join in a storytelling circle as, one by one, you share stories from your lives and find that you gain inspiration and insight from each person and each story. In the afternoon, after a nourishing lunch, you break up into smaller groups and begin to share more intimately. You feel trusted and safe in this environment and slowly but surely, the mist and uncertainty you were feeling about your vision starts to fade away. Towards the end of the day, you come to the front of the room and share your key message. It feels amazing to say it out loud and to hear how it ‘lands’ with everyone else in the room. You are invited to share a little more about your message in a ‘mini-talk’ the following day. You feel a slight sense of trepidation but also excitement at the chance of speaking from the heart and beginning the process of developing your signature talk. Having had a restful evening, you start the second day with some more fun, energising games that bring out the playful side in you. You realise that you feel very free and have been given permission to be child-like and silly, which comes as a refreshing change. Feeling lighter, you start to learn about grounding and centring and why it’s important both in helping you feel more confident and less nervous and also in helping your audience feel at ease, knowing they can trust you. You pair up and practise some centring exercises and immediately feel calmer and more grounded. After a tasty lunch, you put your newly-found skills to use, taking it in turns to deliver mini-talks based on your key message. You get amazing feedback from the group on your content and style of delivery and get a really great sense of what your strengths are and what to capitalise on going forward. Over the course of the next couple of months, you have three zoom calls with your new-found buddies every two or three weeks. On each of the calls, you continue strengthening your speaking skills and share your work-in-progress. Everyone on the call is so supportive and you feel held and seen throughout the process. When it gets to the day of your final workshop, you are really excited to see everyone in person again. You share hugs and stories, but you also feel excited to get down to work. This is the last chance to work on your talks before sharing them with a real live audience and you want to make the most of it! You play some more energising improv games to get your juices flowing and practise your centring and grounding. You take it in turns to share your talks and receive some final words of encouragement and feedback. And then it comes to the showcase itself! You see friends and family arrive and you share how you’re feeling. You join your group for a vocal warm up, body energiser and motivational huddle. You’re still feeling nervous but also excited to share and be supported by the rest of the group. You take your place on stage and it feels amazing! You are bowled over by how far you’ve come and are totally energised by the warmth and attention of the audience. As you receive your applause with a bow you realise how grateful you are to have taken this journey with a small group of like-minded amazing individuals.

Why join the programme? 

Why would you choose to join a Fearless Speakers' Programme cohort, rather than preparing your signature talk by yourself? Arrange a one-to-one chat with me or read on to find out more.

Group encouragement and support

If you’re anything like me, you probably feel a sense of overwhelm when you’re faced with challenges that feel big or new (or both). Unless I am held accountable, I will often let them slide down my to-do list or put them in my “too difficult’ pile. By way of contrast, whenever I have joined a group of like-minded individuals all working towards the same goal as me, I feel energised and committed to the project. That is the impact I aim to give everyone who joins a Fearless Speakers' Programme cohort.

A safe place to practise and get feedback

I recommend that anyone preparing an important talk or presentation gets feedback on both the content and their delivery as a speaker. If you have open and honest friends and partners who are willing to watch you and give you detailed feedback then you are in a lucky position, but unfortunately for most of us, the people around us either don’t know what we’re aiming for or are too ‘nice’ to tell us what they really think. During the course of the Fearless Speakers' Programme you get many chances to practise your talk and you receive feedback from people who are committed to your growth and to you giving the best possible performance. I ask participants to use feedback techniques that help you feel motivated, rather than criticised.

Help in clarifying your vision

I have spoken to so many people who tell me “I’d love to give a signature talk but I just don’t know what I would say”. And I can relate to that because I was in the same position for a few years before I found a message I was really passionate about delivering. I firmly believe that, just as everyone has a book inside them, they also have a TED talk. We all go through life collecting knowledge and experience but it’s not that often we sit back, sift through it all and ask ourselves, “of all the wisdom I have to share, what is the one thing that would make the most impact in the world?” On the Fearless Speakers' Programme we hold a beautiful space for you to go through that process and uncover the precious gemstones you have hiding in plain sight.

Help finding your unique style

I believe that everyone is at their most compelling when they are truly being themselves. But what does it mean to be truly authentic? For me, it is letting go of doing and saying the things that we think others want to hear. When we give up caring about what other people think, the irony is that we become more attractive. We humans are incredibly perceptive, even when we don’t realise it, and pick up on the energy of others. When that energy is genuine, rather than fake or contrived, we lean in. As a certified co-active coach (CPCC) and a somatic coach in training, I am trained to pick up on energetic cues and I can lead others in the group to vocalise and understand the energy they are feeling from others. On the Fearless Speakers' Programme, we are able to hone in on your moments of true authenticity and help you to build on these, moving away from a habit of wanting and needing to look or be a certain way.

Helping you become more confident

As mentioned above, as a Fearless Speakers' Programme member you will get lots of chances to practise speaking and receive positive, encouraging feedback. This alone will help to build your confidence as a speaker. However, we also work with other specific techniques that help you to build your sense of confidence I have learned through my training as a somatic coach. These include, grounding and centring, breath work and embodiment practices that help us feel a commitment to our message deep within our bodies.

Opportunities for networking and connection

When you go through a transformational experience with others, you share a common bond. When that experience involves witnessing each others’ deepest thoughts and giving direct and honest feedback, these conditions allow for an even deeper sense of connection to be created. This sense of kinship and camaraderie is possibly the most valuable benefit from joining the Fearless Speakers' Programme because it is not possible to manufacture it or buy it from anywhere else. Once bonds like these are established, networking between you feels easy and natural, unlike the surface-level connections you make with people at typical networking events. Members of past cohorts and the speakers at my TEDx event found this to be one of the most important benefits they received from going through this process.

How much does it cost?

Joining the Fearless Speakers' Programme is a £1,300 or €1,500 investment.


There is no getting away from the fact that this is a meaningful amount of money to invest. I encourage anyone considering joining the Fearless Speakers' Programme to make sure this is the right opportunity for them. In doing this, I think it is useful to consider both the financial and non-financial benefits of joining.


Let’s be clear. The Fearless Speakers' Programme does not teach you how to make sales pitches. It doesn’t cover the manipulative techniques you sometimes see organisations employ to panic prospective clients into buying from you. 


What it does do is help you to raise your profile with your target audience. It helps you to articulate more clearly who you are and what you stand for. And it helps you to put out into the world a message that you are passionate about.


If you are joining the programme to pursue a business vision, your ability to to make sales or raise finance will increase because you will become more connected to your purpose and you will be able to articulate this to prospective clients and investors more clearly. It is difficult to quantify how much this might be as this depends on individual circumstances but it is possible that the financial impact of your actions on completing the Fearless Speakers' Programme will pay for the cost of the programme many times over.


There are also a number of potential personal benefits from completing the programme, including:


  • greater confidence in public speaking and other group situations

  • a clearer vision of what you care about and stand for

  • new friendships and connections 

  • a sense of achievement and greater self-esteem from having developed and delivered your signature talk

  • A greater chance of success in applying to speak on a TEDx stage because I will be coaching you to deliver talks in a way that is appealing to TEDx organisers like myself.



I'd be more than happy to have a one-to-one chat with you to find out whether the Fearless Speakers' Programme is right for you. Just click on the button below to book an appointment. You can also read on to see some of the most common questions I have been asked about the programme.

Can you make the programme cheaper?

I acknowledge that joining the Fearless Speakers' Programme involves a meaningful financial commitment. I hope that I have been able to demonstrate that the value you will obtain from joining far outweighs the financial investment. I also recognise that paying a lump sum fee in one go can be difficult for a lot of people so I can also offer an instalment package of a third of the price each month for three months, starting with the month before the programme starts. I also offer scholarships and grants to individuals, businesses and organisations struggling to make ends meet, so please do reach out to me if you are interested in the programme but find the price a little too much of a stretch for you.

What if I don't have a clear idea of my vision?

This is a very understandable fear. If you join the Fearless Speakers' Programme you want to know you will make the most of the opportunity and it can feel scary if you don’t have any ideas about the message you’d like to deliver in your talk. I can tell you, though, that none of my clients have known exactly what they wanted to say and most had either, no, or only a vague idea of their message before working with me. The processes I take you through will help you get much clearer on this as they focus on your own experiences and stories, rather than thinking about the things you ‘ought to’ say.

What if I feel nervous talking to a crowd?

I get it. Even after 20+ years’ of public speaking experience and 30+ years as a gigging musician I feel nervous before I go on stage. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can turn that fear into excitement in the moment by focusing on the passion you have for your vision. Through practising in a small, friendly group, the Fearless Speakers' Programme gently introduces you into the world of public speaking. The atmosphere is very encouraging and supportive and helps you build your confidence so you feel more confident later when you speak to larger groups.

What if I don't like the feedback I receive?

I get this too. I used to be really bad at receiving feedback and treated it as criticism I needed to defend myself against. That was until I changed my perspective and began to treat feedback as a gift from the person giving it. I now use it as motivation to grow and learn. I have also put some procedures in place to ensure that the feedback you receive is open, honest and respectful. Entry into the Fearless Speakers' Programme is by application only. Anyone who I don’t believe would be a good fit for the programme will not be admitted. I ask all participants to use a feedback model that does not shy away from difficult feedback but does so in a way that is constructive and respectful of the recipient’s feelings. The model focuses both on what went well and what could be done better and is delivered with a focus on the actions and impact of the speaker, rather than it feeling like an attack on them personally. If, after considering this, you still don’t believe you would take feedback very well, you should consider whether you are ready to work on your impact, and, therefore, whether this programme is right for you.

What if I'm nervous about public speaking?

Being a little nervous is actually a good thing. It shows you care about what you want to say and I can show you techniques to help you turn that anxiety into excitement. On the programme, we show you techniques to manage your anxieties around public speaking so attending could help you to address fears you have held for a long time. If you are totally petrified of speaking in public, you may be holding past trauma that needs to be healed before you move forward in your public speaking journey. I can recommend a number of different therapies that may help.

Can I attend the programme locally to me or wholly online?

Yes, I run an online version of the programme every few months for those people who cannot get to the in-person cohorts. Please contact me to find out when the next online cohorts are starting. If you are interested in me bringing the programme to your city, please get in touch and let’s have a chat to see how we could generate a cohort of at least three people.


How do I sign UP?

Joining a Fearless Speakers' Programme cohort is by application only. This ensures that everyone who joins the programme is committed to developing and designing a signature talk by the end of the programme and providing open and honest feedback to the rest of the group.

If you would like to have a free no-obligation chat with me about joining a Fearless Speakers' Programme cohort, click on the ‘book a call’ button below and book a time that is suitable for you to discuss the programme. If you cannot find a time in my diary that works for you, please contact me at or on 07971 165282 letting me know your availability and I will suggest a time that fits with your schedule.

Other options for working with me

ONE-to-one coaching

I help my one-to-one clients develop various aspects of their public speaking skills, including:


  • getting a clearer understanding of the message they want to deliver from the stage

  • developing more presence and gravitas when presenting in meetings or in more formal settings

  • developing a speaking style that feels natural to them and authentic to their audience

  • improving their confidence by introducing them to grounding and centring techniques

  • developing scripts, slides and visual aids that help them to get their message across with clarity and impact

other group work

I run a variety of other workshops and programmes (some are free, some are paid for) to help my clients develop their public speaking skills. These include:


  • a monthly virtual storytelling circle and storytelling masterclasses

  • an introduction to developing a signature talk

  • a one day workshop on using improvisation techniques as a speaker


In summary

Thank you for reading to the end! I assume you are interested in joining the Fearless Speakers' Programme if you have got this far, but if you are still unsure, here is a reminder of some of the key benefits:


  • The programme puts you in a small group of 3 - 6 participants all encouraging and supporting each other to develop their signature talks and grow as public speakers

  • The programme provides a safe space for you to practise, grow and obtain honest and open feedback

  • The programme helps you clarify your vision and your own natural style of delivery as a speaker 

  • In addition to becoming more confident, you also grow potentially long-lasting friendships and connections


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