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Make an impact. Be in your element

My approach to public speaking is based on the four elements found in many ancient cultures- fire, earth, air and water. Each of these elements represents a particular energy associated with public speaking.

Fire: This element is all about creating an emotional connection with yourself and your audience. This element is at the centre of the model because I believe that it is impossible to have an impact on your audience unless you have an emotional connection with them.

Earth: This element is all about structure and grounding. It is about having a script or format to follow and also about feeling confident and grounded as a speaker,

Air: This element is all about ideas and inspiration. What do you want to share with your audience and what ideas do you have to bring your message to life?

Water: This element is about improvisation and dancing in the moment. It is about being able to speak off-the-cuff or to be able to deal with the unexpected when it happens.

I believe that we all have different strengths and qualities as a speaker and these should be celebrated! At the same time, we can enhance our impact by identifying the elements we are weaker in and finding ways to build our capabilities in each one. 

You will find below examples of the work I do with clients one-to-one and on group programmes to help them develop each of their speaker elements.


  • Clarify your values, the events and the stories that have shaped who you are

  • Get in touch with your passion and the message you want to deliver

  • Learn how to use storytelling to create an emotional connection with your audience

  • Identify your natural speaking style to help you talk authentically, rather than trying to copy someone else

Image by Maxim Tajer


  • Learn techniques to help you feel calm and grounded

  • Embody a commanding stage presence that allows you to build your own natural speaking style

  • Follow a simple structure designed to maximise the impact of your talks

  • Put together a script that flows naturally and ensures your ideas are easily understood by your audience

Image by The New York Public Library


  • Bring your talks to life with metaphors, visual aids and other hooks that grab your audience’s attention

  • Practice vocal techniques to help you to project your voice, vary your pitch and pace and use powerful pauses

Hot Air Balloons


  • Develop improvisation techniques to allow you to go off-script when you need to and dance in the moment

  • Learn how to answer audience questions effectively

Image by Jason Leung
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