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Find Your Voice

Build the courage to speak up about what matters to you

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Key Features:

  •  A safe space to build your confidence in expressing yourself, whether that be through public speaking, writing or the performing arts

  • Includes an initial 90 minute orientation zoom call plus a two day in-person workshop

  • A maximum of five participants, ensuring a supportive and tailored experience

Is 'Find Your Voice' for you?

This programme is designed for individuals who want to make a positive impact in the world through speaking, writing or performing but have held themselves back from stepping forward into their true power and influence.


Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed or intimidated at the thought of stepping up? If so, ‘Find Your Voice’ is designed to support you to get your ideas out into the world.


My Journey

I believe that everyone deserves to have their voice heard.


I find this can be a challenge for those of us who grew up being told that our opinions didn’t matter or experienced aggression or conflict when we tried to express ourselves. Many of us are holding a belief in our bodies that it is safer to keep quiet, that our ideas aren’t good enough or that we might upset or offend someone if we share our thoughts and feelings.


I was one of those people. I spent decades holding myself back from expressing my ideas and my creativity. I would hide and support others’ ideas instead. And while that allowed me to form powerful alliances and connections, I began to realise that I had neglected my own voice in the process.


In 2014, I decided to tackle this and set off on a journey of self-expression.


  • I started seeing a coach. 

  • I joined a local speakers club and learned how to speak from a place of vulnerability. 

  • I started writing songs that spoke about my own experiences from the heart. 

  • I joined and then, later, formed storytelling circles to share and hear heart-warming and inspiring personal stories.


And now I am providing the support and encouragement for you to do the same.

Find Your Voice may be a good fit for you if:

  • you want to express yourself through speeches, talks, social media posts or performance art

  • you want to overcome the anxiety, fear or blocks that are getting in the way of you achieving this

  • you are understanding and respectful of the needs of others 

  • you are willing to encourage them and give them the space to open up

  • you are eager to grow and learn and approach the programme with a beginner’s mind

Find Your Voice would not be a good fit for you if:

  • you do not respect the views and needs of others

  • you are not willing to provide support and encouragement to other members of your group

  • you do not intend to use your new-found voice for the greater good

  • you wish to express sexist, homophobic, racist or other hate language

  • you can’t fully commit to the programme (you will be asked to complete some homework between the initial call and the workshop, plus between the two days of the workshop, each taking around an hour).


Key benefits:

Short course, long-term impact

In this programme I teach you embodied tools and practices that help you to develop on a cellular and muscular, rather than cerebral level. If you keep up with the practices you learn on the programme, you will continue to develop your confidence and your voice over time.

Group encouragement & support

The small group size means that everyone gets plenty of individual support. An intimate atmosphere is created to help members support each other through their feedback and words of encouragement.

Find your unique style

I believe that everyone is at their most compelling when they are truly being themselves. Rather than trying to produce ‘cookie cutter’ speakers or performers, this programme is designed to help you shine by accessing more of your unique personality.

Opportunities for connection

Participants on my previous courses and workshops have built deep and long-lasting connections and friendships, thanks to the shared and safe experience created.

How much does it cost? 

Joining this programme costs £427 or €497.


50% off concession price tickets are available for the low-waged, carers, health service staff, students and teachers,  as well those with disabilities, are diagnosed with a neurodiversity or who are living on a pension or benefits. 

How to find out more

If you would like to a free no-obligation chat with me about joining a group, click on the button below and choose a time that is suitable for you. As part of this process you will be asked to complete a short form to find out your aims and objectives for joining the programme.


Our call will be an opportunity for you to ask questions and to find out whether this programme is a good fit for you. This process also ensures that a safe space is created so each member of the group feels supported by the rest of the group.


If you cannot find a time in my diary that works for you, please contact me at or on +44 7971 165282 letting me know your availability and I will suggest a time that fits with your schedule.

Frequently asked questions


How can I be sure the group is a safe space for me?

I ask anyone who is interested in joining the programme to have a “getting to know you chat” with me to make sure joining a group would be a good fit for them and the other members.

What techniques do you use on the programme?

During the programme we will be using a mixture of tools and techniques based around embodiment, somatics, improvised theatre, meditation and visualisation.

Will there be any physical contact between the members?

Some of the embodiment exercises we include in the programme involve you holding or placing your hands on non-intimate parts of another person’s body (eg chest, shoulder, arm, wrist). There are always non-contact versions of these exercises, however, and you are always at choice as to whether you participate in an exercise or not.

Are there any pre-requisites?

No, you don’t need to have any prior speaking, writing or performance experience. You just need to have a commitment to put your voice out into the world.

Will you be running the programme online or in other locations?

Yes, I will be running an online version of this programme for those people who cannot get to the in-person cohorts. Please contact me if you are interested as I will set a date based on the demand and availability of those who are interested.


If would like me to bring the programme to another location within Europe, please get in touch and let’s have a chat to see how we could generate a cohort of at least four people.

What's next after this programme?

After attending the programme, members may choose one of the following options:

  • Join a follow-on online group programme where I help participants to further develop their confidence around self-expression

  • Join my Fearless Speaker training programme to help them build a 'signature talk' suitable for delivery on a TEDx stage

  • Work with me one-to-one to help them build a talk, their confidence or speaking skills more generally

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