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(a 3 hour storytelling workshop)

In this three hour in-person workshop, we will look at the stories and events that have shaped your life and introduce you to some powerful techniques to help you tell your stories with impact. 


At the end of the workshop you will have at least one story from your life that you are motivated to tell others. You will have also learned tools to help you tell your story with impact, whether it's to one person, a group, or through a work of art.


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I firmly believe that everyone has a story that would have a huge impact if it were told.


- Maybe it would inspire others to take action to empower themselves or make the world a better place.


- Maybe it would give them reassurance or comfort that they are not the only going through what you describe.


- And maybe it would have a huge impact on you too. Telling stories has a huge power to heal past wounds and help you connect with those who hear them.


But often we hold onto our stories and they remain untold. Telling personal stories can be a vulnerable experience. It allows others to see the 'real' you and can require you to step out of your comfort zone.


It might also feel like 'showing off'. Many of us are told growing up not to be big-headed and so telling personal stories can sometimes feel like we are being self-important.


But there are ways in which we can make the experience empowering rather than frightening or show-offy*. And that's what I'd like you to leave this workshop with.


A feeling in your bones that you know the stories others need to hear and that you have the confidence to deliver them. 


Sharing your stories is a gift to your people. Are you ready to take the first step?


This workshop is for you if:


- You want to tell stories to make the world a better place, connect with others or heal from the past

- You want to hear others' stories and are keen to give them honest and respectful feedback on their impact

- You enjoy connecting with like-minded kind-hearted souls

- You want more practice speaking in an intimate and supportive setting (we will have a maximum of 10 participants)


This workshop is not for you if:


- You are not interested in hearing others' stories and ideas

- You don't intend to use the skills you learn on the workshop to tell your stories or give talks in the future

- You want to use stories to express racist, homophobic or misogynistic views

- You are not willing to adopt a beginner's mindset for the sake of your own growth


*technical term

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