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Public speaking coaching for individuals and organisations with a purpose beyond profit

"Richard's ability to read the field and the audience translates into immediate and effective action with the energy shifting towards where it needs to be. This is coupled with the skill of inviting people in the space of content and exercises in a smooth way."

Hey, I’m Richard! I help business owners, organisations and change makers with a purpose beyond profit to raise their profile through public speaking.

Who I work with

I work with clients such as coaches, healers, mental health support practitioners, companies and charities with an ethical mindset, as well as individuals with a personal cause they want to raise awareness of, such as survivors of domestic violence and climate change campaigners.

Why I do this work

I do this work because I believe that speeches and stories have the power to change lives and purpose-driven businesses and individuals have the power to change the world. I want to give them the skills and experience they need so they can make a difference.

My background

Although I am an accomplished public speaker and storyteller, it wasn't always that way.

I spent decades feeling totally petrified of sharing my thoughts and ideas with an audience, even a small one. It was really frustrating because I had so much to say and wanted to make an impact but couldn’t get over the fear of being in the spotlight. 

As you’ll see on the ‘My Story’ page, I eventually found my passion to make a difference bigger than my fear of being seen and now I deliver talks and presentations in person and online to audiences of hundreds of people.

My approach is based on the four elements found in most ancient cultures- fire, earth, air and water. By cultivating all these energies and, as result, allowing your most natural and powerful self rise to the surface, you can become truly impactful as a public speaker, without having to emulate or copy anyone else's style.

Check out the rest of my website, including one of my clients' success stories and if you’re interested in working with me, or would like to know more, please get in touch!

Celebrating your unique brilliance.


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The things I help my clients with include...

  • Preparing and delivering a talk from a TEDx or similar stage

  • Scripting and recording 'speak to camera' type videos for social media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc)

  • Public speaking training for the employees of 'purpose-led' businesses

  • Coaching you to find the stories and messages you want to share with your audience




In-person and online


A 3 hour storytelling workshop


3 month programme getting you ready for the TED or a similar stage


An online membership programme helping you develop your own speaking style


Tel. + 44 7971 165282

14 Cameron Road,  Bromley, BR2 9AR, UK

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